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— Paul Hinks, Chairman of Invest Africa US, CEO of Symbion Power



we are a network of...

Private Equity firms. Venture Capital Firms. Family Offices. Institutional investors. Ultra High Net Worth individuals. Fund Managers. Entrepreneurs.


Headquartered in New York City, Invest Africa US represents a community of members who share a common interest in stimulating investment, economic growth, employment and the reduction of poverty in Africa. Invest Africa US  provides its  members with a non-partisan platform to access and share credible first-hand information and relationships to promote business and sustainable development in Africa.

Invest Africa US Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit organization.








Invest Africa US hosts intimate member breakfasts, lunches, dinners, cocktail receptions and working sessions, giving members direct access to some of the world's most high profile Africa-focused investors, business leaders and entrepreneurs as well as project sponsors.

investment missions

Invest Africa US curates travel to African markets that gives members unrivalled access to industry heads, senior government officials and local entrepreneurs all geared towards increasing potential for investment in the host countries and driving the attendees' business initiatives.



conference access

We look to engage with high quality conference providers and help improve the quality attendees by including our investor network at events. We also look to help with speakers, inviting C-Suite Executives and noteworthy entrepreneurs to speak at conferences on behalf of organisers. IA will curate panels and content for organisers to help improve their existing program.

One on One introductions 

Whether you have an expert understanding of the investor landscape, or are making initial enquiries into Africa’s investment opportunities, Invest Africa US' takes an individualized approach to connecting members to potential co-investors, opportunities, and service providers.





Past Events





At the Forbes Best of Africa awards in September of 2018, alongside CEO of Forbes Mike Perlis, executive director of Invest Africa US, Sandrine Nzeukou, announced the launch of the Women Investors Mission initiative(WIM); a platform for top women decision makers from the international investment community who have an interest in Africa.

This inaugural delegation of 10 executive-level luminaries, will visit the host country of Rwanda in September of 2019 and experience access to the most senior government officials, pre-vetted local entrepreneurs, project developers and investors, as well as fellow women of influence in an intimate and targeted meeting environment.

Leading the delegation will be Cherie Blair CBE QC, an expert on Africa and, as the Founder of Cherie Blair Foundation, a world leader in empowering women entrepreneurs in developing and emerging economies.


“I am delighted to be involved in this important initiative and to help

draw attention to some of the many exciting developments and

opportunities across Africa. Rwanda is a country close to my heart and

is the perfect place for the inaugural Women Investors Mission

delegation. I look forward to the warm welcome and wonderful

experience we will no doubt enjoy.”

- Cherie Blair, CBE QC

Market Information

Rwanda is now a resilient, forward-looking country with a vision to elevate to a middle income, service and knowledge-based economy by 2020.In the last 23 years, Rwanda has succeeded in redefining itself as a preferred investment and tourism destination. Rwanda has become a referencepointonthecontinentforpoliticalstabilitywithwell-functioninginstitutions,undera democratic government committed to the rule of law, security and zero tolerance for corruption. Rwanda ranks as follows:

•       2nd fastest growing economy inAfrica

•       1st in Africa for governmenttransparency

•       Easiest and most competitive place to do business in the East African region and second in Africa

Sources: UN (UN-HDI), World Bank, WEF, Global and Africa Competitiveness Report, ICCA, Global Gender Gap report, Gallup, ICCA, RDB, BSC (majority 2017)

mission benefits

  • Unrivaled access to industry heads, senior government officials and local entrepreneurs

  • Tailor made proprietary meetings focused on individual industry of interest

  • In-country introductions as well as access to Invest Africa members who have complementary interests in the chosen country and/or sector

  • Delegate discount to one year of the Invest Africa global membership, if not already subscribed

Participants will include:

  • Private Equity firms

  • Venture Capital Firms

  • Family Offices

  • Multinationals

  • Private Investors

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    Confirmation of participation is contingent on approval.



cultivating the next generation of investors

This past fall, Invest Africa U.S. launched its Next Generation (“NextGen”) program geared towards professionals in the U.S. investor community who have a longer-term interest in working in African countries. Driven by the Invest Africa U.S. board’s desire to accelerate the next generation of investors, the idea is simple: pass down knowledge to those who share the same passion for catalyzing economic growth in Africa through financial investments.

Mission Statement

To bring together likeminded individuals and provide a forum for educating the next generation of potential African investors on the trends, challenges, and opportunities of conducting business on the continent. Participation in this program will provide direct access to the expertise that lies at the core of the Africa-interested U.S. investor community.

Benefits of Membership

NextGen members will enjoy access to the following benefits:

  • Quarterly convenings: Generally held in New York and DC, these private events will feature a range of formats (including dinners, cocktail receptions and teleconferences) and content driven by the interests of the cadre. 

  • Access to the Invest Africa global network: Speakers and content will come directly from our network of over 400 top decision makers at global organizations, international fund managers, high net worth private investors, private equity investors, family offices, and others. Will provide ample networking opportunities amongst other NextGen and Invest Africa members.

  • Invest Africa U.S. Events: NextGen members will receive an invitation to one major Invest Africa event annually.

  • High level investor trips: Invest Africa routinely leads site visits to African countries where members meet with relevant government officials and leading local businesses. Subject to availability, NextGen members will be given the opportunity to participate in these trips.

2018 -2019 Cohort Profiles


the latest


Invest Africa US board member and author, Riva Levinson's book, Choosing the Hero receives INDIES Book of the Year Awards nod. 

Choosing the HeroMy Improbable Journey and the Rise of Africa’s First Women President

Silver Medalist, Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPY), Finalist, Forward Reviews INDIES Book of the Year Awards

The rise of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to become the president of Liberia and the first woman elected to lead an African nation is one of the most inspiring stories of our time. But Sirleaf could not have done it alone. Among the people who worked tirelessly to help her achieve her victory was Washington, D.C.-based international consultant and lobbyist K. Riva Levinson. CHOOSING THE HERO is Levinson's compelling account of her life and career, and how she joined forces with Sirleaf to fight for a cause bigger than either of them.

With gripping anecdotes, Levinson describes her adventures working in some of the most dangerous places on earth from Mogadishu to Baghdad. But it is her efforts on behalf of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf that form the heart of CHOOSING THE HERO. Levinson chronicles her behind-the-scenes lobbying for the exiled Sirleaf in Washington, D.C. as well as her on-the-ground work in Liberia. It took three tries for Sirleaf to finally win the presidency in 2005. Since her inauguration, President Sirleaf, who won the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize, has transformed her war-ravaged country into one of the world's post-conflict success stories.

CHOOSING THE HERO can be read on many levels. It is an exciting narrative about Sirleaf's struggle to create a future for Liberia. It's a bird's-eye view of the inner workings of the lobbying and public relations business in Washington, D.C. and the making of U.S. foreign policy. But most of all, it is Riva Levinson's personal story of how she found a hero, fought for a worthy cause, and in the process, discovered her soul.


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