THe World’s first all women investment mission to africa


This inaugural Women Investors Mission Initiative(WIMin) Delegation is the first to Africa to feature all women investors and business leaders of influence. The first mission, to host country Rwanda, will feature meetings with senior government officials, pre-vetted local entrepreneurs, and like-minded luminaries.

The 10 executive-level delegates will include leading women who have demonstrated influence within their respective professional communities, and are currently or looking to participate in African markets. Participants will include representatives of private equity firms, venture capital firms, family offices, private investors and multinational companies. WIMin is open to all businesssectors, and as a participant your experience will be tailored to your interests.

 This Mission will be led by Invest Africa, an investor network platform for business leaders, investors and entrepreneurs to gain insight into doing business in Africa. The delegation will be led by Cherie Blair CBE, Founder and CEO of Omnia Strategy.

Please note that confirmation of participation is contingent upon approval.

Sponsorship opportunities available.

Market Information

Rwanda is now a resilient, forward-looking country with a vision to elevate to a middle income, service and knowledge-based economy by 2020.In the last 23 years, Rwanda has succeeded in redefining itself as a preferred investment and tourism destination. Rwanda has become a referencepointonthecontinentforpoliticalstabilitywithwell-functioninginstitutions,undera democratic government committed to the rule of law, security and zero tolerance for corruption. Rwanda ranks as follows:

•       2nd fastest growing economy inAfrica

•       1st in Africa for governmenttransparency

•       Easiest and most competitive place to do business in the East African region and 2nd in Africa

Sources: UN (UN-HDI), World Bank, WEF, Global and Africa Competitiveness Report, ICCA, Global Gender Gap report, Gallup, ICCA, RDB, BSC (majority 2017)

Mission benefits

  • Unrivaled access to industry heads, senior government officials and local entrepreneurs.

  • Tailor made proprietary meetings focused on individual industry of interest.

  • In country introductions as well as access to Invest Africa members who have complementary interests in the chosen country and/or sector.

  • Code for discounted membership to the Invest Africa network, for those not already subscribed